Vacuum Tube Microphone Line Preamplifier's.
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The Arm TMP 1000 and 2000 Vacuum Tube Microphone Line Preamplifier's have now been released.
Orders now being accepted for 2010.

Applied Research and Marketing (ARM) is the creation of Patrick Holder. ARM grew out of Professional Audio Video Systems, which was created in 1983 by Patrick Holder in Toronto, Canada. ARM provides the international professional Audio and Video industry with the sales and servicing of professional Audio and Video products.

Patrick Holder's skills as a certified technician have contributed to his creative endeavors, he has learned from servicing every brand of recording audio/video equipment, what works - what works well - and how to make it work better. Patrick Holder, a 30 year veteran of the Professional and Home Recording Studio service industry, has created an original line of preamps and is particularly excited about the launch of his new Tube Mic Pre's.

ARM's Dual & Single Vacuum Tube Microphone Line Pre amplifiers are designed for Front End Recordings via analog or digital recordings.

If your in Markham Ontario, stop by Tele-Tech Sales Ltd. and preview Patrick Holder's preamps.

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